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Peace and Conflict Resolution (PCR)
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PCR Foundation has now a small Office in Central town, with have 4

keys pillars with difference activities we are focusing in. and our

activities are in 2 slums and 4 villages areas.


- Training, Trauma Rehabilitation, Mobilization, Social Therapy.



- protection of pregnant Vulnerable women and newborn, Malnutrition,

Hygiene and mobilization


3. DINAH/ for young single Mothers and displaced widows:


- Entrepreneurship programs and handcrafts, land support for groups

displaced who living in Villages closed to Bukavu Town, support for

young single mother under 25 years old and Educational program for

them, a program of Agriculture support



- for vulnerable Children; displaced, who was born from sexually

abused and victims, street Child, survivors of war, Children from

slums and villages.

- sponsorship in University that have English program, for Vulnerable

youths, mean to send them to study abroad in Kenya, Uganda,

South-Africa or other Countries that teach in English, as is the big

opportunity for them to be have a job, because majority of

INTERNATIONAL NGOs in the Country are from Speaking English Countries.