Peace & Conflict Resolution

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 PCR Foundation was founded 2006 and been registered as NGO is D.R.Congo by ministry of Justice under this numbers: JUST./SG/20/1448/2019,  JUST.G.S.112/SC/2673.2006. and have permission of regional Government to perform it activities in Eastern of D.R.Congo under this number 01/260/CAB-/GOUPRO/2007, PCR it is NGO that focusing in Peace Education and Humanitarian assistance, it deals with normal Conflict (ex. to reconciliation broken families, restoring relationship that broken because of Conflict and war, Trauma healing and Therapy program) and how people can live in peace with their neighbor s and their families,

Right for Education for all Children, this causing us to looking for the donors for sponsoring a Child whom can’t afford to go to school because of lacking school fees (in this area we are focusing for the Children from displaced families and from slums areas)

Humanitarian; to assist the young Single mothers whom are victims of sexually abused (through training them with self-help projects e.g. Opening small business that may help them with their Children). And women to be having new born in good healthcare environment ).



Thank you for visiting the Peace and Conflict Resolution Project homepage. We are honored to have you with us. We have information about our work and our events 


PCR, Thanking NUFFIC 



 Ms. Kim Haxton visited PCR and participated in several activities and works of PCR, The Photo above is Kim during 4 days Training of women Leaders from difference institutions and Faith




 we had 2 days of Training, and the Participates 100 persons from difference groups, the facilitators was Psychology Professor at Fordham University NY/USA Dr. Ani, she is a president Founder of Meaningfulworld, she was with Davit from NY. And during their stayed had time to met with displaced persons at Mudaka Village, played with Children at BAGIRA, PCR's branch, Dr. Ani lectured at CUP University while she was with us. And helped the women at maternity Rau Hospital among other activities


 Ms. Melanie Lambert volunteer from Kingston University London, spent 5 weeks with us, she did volunteering works. the picture was when she finished her works with us


 Volunteer Safeer Bhatti, from Nova University, Florida, did Volunteering works with us for 2 weeks 


April with more than 460 Children from rural area 

Thank you and God bless you for caring about the vulnerable children, the women hopeless among other poor' from the groups we are focus to helping





 the Children from Slums of Bukavu in the before they school, with teachers, PCR are working if they may give this poor Children good  environment in school


 MEANING OF PEACE By Samuel Muderhwa

 Peace is an easy path to tread

Peace is where our fears are mislaid
Peace is beginning to restore
peace for each man and women and children
peace for the troubled streets gone wild
peace is the old and young
peace in the end will overcome
peace builds trust into a lifestyle
peace is a friendly open hand
peace is a place to understand
peace is a legacy to leave
peace is when we do not have to grieve
peace is why we negotiate
peace is an end to all the hate
peace for all the victims of war.