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Peace and Conflict resolution (PCR):

is working to support the young single mothers who were the victims of violence, in eastern of D.R.Congo among other groups, but mostly is supporting the young single mothers who have Children parentless, most of the young single mothers who PCR is helping are under 25 years old, same of them were repad during war that took place in our area, and other groups, in PCR for now we have 50 young single mothers. PCR is already helping same of them to return at school and taking care of their Children in schooling through sponsorship from the strongest Oak Foundation from Canada, we need more support from you to help more.

and PCR is supplying birthing kits and soaps to the Vulnerable women at maternities to clinics and Hospitals in Village and slums areas in Bukavu D.R.Congo, ( we usually receiving Birthing kits for free, from Australian birthing kit foundation) and PCR donate birthing kits for free at Clinics and Hospitals in Kakwende, kalonge. Hospitals: mwenga, Mukongola, injdwi, walungu & Kadutu

  • Mrs. Zingire Namegabe a girl was 20 years old, in the photo are with her sister Neema and her brother Polain , she and her sister all have Child parentless, Zingire with blue cloth and her brother held her son. Zingire Neema and Polain all are living in very poverty condition,
  • We are taking God for the strongest Oak Foundation from Canada, who through them zingire and neema found the sponsors who helping them to taking course of entrepreneurships at CAPA, and paying schooling fees to their Children. And again through the strongest Oak foundation, are helping one youth in schooling through PCR.





 Stace, and Samuel hold the tools made by Neema at CAPA, and Zingire, Faida, Dan and Stace with bag made by Zingire, Stace are the Co Founder of The strongest Oak Foundation (Canada) that are sponsoring Zingire and Neema with thier Children through PCR, stace and Dan visited D.R.Congo 2012

 Zingire doing internship at Mugote learning business, and Neema at Likembe

 Ashuza Daughter of Zingire and Jordan son of Neema, Ashuza now have face of hope and so happier to going to school with Jordan, Ashuza are studying at the best school in town and Jordan too are studying in best school because of sponsorship from TSO through PCR



Photo from GARUNVA slums, people living in difficulty situation, ruin houses water problem even food and other humanitarian needed is so difficulty for people living in this slums, this is area Zingire and Neema coming from, with other single mothers in our program


 PCR still have 48 young single Mothers with their Children fatherless whom needing sponsors, Zingire and Neema was among them, but through sponsorship from TSO, they now with full of hope in thier future life, in photo above is Samuel with them and bellow is them, we need people of good wills and heart of mercy to help this groups the victims of war and sexually abuse


Faida, are teaching them some new skills but is not enough because of lacking enough material, and some of them because they are still so young needing to return to school, and other Entrepreneurship training like Zingire and Neema, we are giving them therapy and counseling but still lacking what may push them to start seeing better future like Neema and Zingire  


 women with pregnancy  at Bunyakiri Hospital receiving birthing kits for free from PCR Foundation



video published by WORLD PURSE and
Alliance for the Earth

Faida one of our staff, shared some of the details about our works We are doing to support women victims of war English:




 THE TRAINING WE HAVE ON HIV/Aids Education on March 08- 2010, with film Shown hosted 250 youths the event took place at Bukavu D.R.Congo

bellow is Pastor Samuel translated the film because it was in English ( translated in Swahili) 

 youths followed the teaching during the training

 PCR's Members: Mrs. Aime, Fred, Pastor Samuel and Espoir during the 07 march 2010 youths program, ate with youth at the event.

 Faida was Taught youths about making decision and training took 4 days

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