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Peace and Conflict Resolution was founded in Bukavu, South-Kivu by Samuel Muderhwa, Mrs. Faida and Dr. David Silvera (Mediator) in 2004 and been registered in D.R.Congo in 2006. Mrs. Faida and Samuel They both completed the high diploma from the school of Mediation in Nairobi in 2006.  This challenged them to continue to expand the vision of PCR.   The people of Eastern D.R.Congo have passed through unimaginable chaos caused by the wars that have taken place in the region.  PCR is a humanitarian organization and not a political one.   Its aims to create peace and reconciliation, to bring broken families together, to give vulnerable children hope, and encourage women who have been affected by the war.   PCR activities focus on education to nurture and promote responsible decision making and problem solving skills.



PCR is focused on resolving conflict at community level.  We strive to establish a society where people and communities are empowered with the skills to overcome conflict and take charge of their destiny.  PCR is currently based in South-Kivu but envisages reaching other areas in our country in the future.  



· We are committed to reduce and break the cycle of violence and poverty that continues to fuel local community conflict.

· We are committed to promote a culture that nurtures peaceful relations at grass roots level.

· We believe in the importance of collaboration and aim to build strong networks with partner organizations who share in our vision of peace building and providing humanitarian support

· Equipping the generation to come with the leadership capacities and peace building skills necessary to end the cycle of violence. 





· *1.  To see the program of Health for Trauma Counseling been introduced in Eastern of D.R.Congo to help the victims of war and Violence



*    2.   To involve the community to be a part of conflict Resolution through Peaceful way


    3.   To give chance for Displaced and vulnerable Children with Youths to have access for Basic Education 


 4. to help Vulnerable women who are pregnancy to have new born in good condition 



 The war in the country has forced many children to refuge. Some have been involved in force army and militias group as child soldier.  The unlucky died, were injured or disabled. With women and our sister was raped in presence of their husband and other member of the family, with some of them have Children father less because of war

With the war children have lost their childhood. They have been made perpetrator and victims of war.

Several mothers and sisters from villages where militias groups occupant, they are living shame life because of what happened to them.



1. Vulnerable Children (street children, children from internally displaced families, children living in extreme poverty)

2. Young single mothers and rape victims

3. Internally displaced families

4. Youths groups

5. Religious leaders & local community leaders.







mediation and Conflict resolution skills trainings with seminars

Drama workshops & Arts

Psychological support/ counseling

Peer education/ drug abuse awareness rehabilitation

Entrepreneurial training and handcraft skills development

Both Healing Spiritually and trauma

Sport cohabitation activities &Adult Education

health protection for woman and Child/ we supplying birthing kits at Hospitals and Clinics


Children Rights awareness and advocacy in  community and schools.

sponsoring a Teacher, and have a primary school

Sport cohabitation activities &Adult Education

clinic center for traumatized people 


 South Kivu Bukavu in D.R.Congo and the lac into town called Lac Kivu











We are the Peace and Conflict Resolution project, reliable Persons who have the hearts of conciliate people with good will and determination of building peacefully means throughout our country and bring people living together with no violence.



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