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PCR we have more than 600 Vulnerable from the slums of Bukavu, we are already accomplishing to make more events and Children trips, some of the Children lost they parents during the war took place in the Region and other they are parents died with HIV/aids, the Pictures are from some events we had, in December 2008, 19 we had the event with 325 Children we are thanking God for the Music for life, AFRICAN CHILDREN CHOIR who sponsored and give support for the event which was took place in Bukavu town, but the Children was coming from the slums area in Bukavu, and 3 January  we had another with 460 Children, April other with 600 Children, now we stopped to receiving more children but in the area more are suffering and no who take care for them

600 Children During the event we had on April 2012, the photo is how they were painting

But it was so difficult because the makers was few and Children shared and other wait, to have after one finished






Pastor Samuel was eating with the Children during the event on December 19 2010










Mrs Faida gave the Children sweet during the event we had with them on Nyawera ground in Bukavu Town










PCR member Gave tea for the Children during the event we had, in Bukavu























Children ate during the event sponsored by Music for lile on 19 December 2012











we gave the food for the Children this photos was taken on February 2009
















Faida and Jerusa from Music for life leading the Children and courage them during the event










 painting time


Noant h and Apolo teached other Children how to painting Noah has 14 Years and Apolo 12 Years, it is in the event we had on April Bukabu D.R.Congo








  we making the Children busy in making more games, singing, sport, painting and drama




The Children enjoying to play football in funu ground
































the 5 Children mad the funy Drama during the vent we had in close year 2009 we mad the small party to them in the Church Funu nuru kadutu after Church Service












  Registration forms, we mad that day shows in the blackboard to registered he Children, who set there is John Rwenda one of our PCR member



-         six clubs of peace for the Children, each with the care takers

-         we are in a dire need for scholarship for those who have a passing of education from our centers

-         health care for whom have malaria, TB & HIV/Aids affected, Food clothes among other humanitarian

-         We are panning to have or erect makeshifts or permanent centers to the Vulnerable Children

Ø      Due to the established the peace clubs for the Children for propagate peacefully coexistence in the D.R.Congo we had to identify the caretakers (careers). They are working as volunteers but we identified that there is a need for their support. We therefore, kindly request for any support for them

Ø      To make the Children and your Girls single mothers to forgets their painfully past, we do request for sports and music equipments. E.g.; balls, skipping ropes, keyboard, microphones EST.……



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